Other countingpoints in the Netherlands

There are also a lots of other locations in the Netherlands where people have been counting migration in 2002. At some places, migration is counted for many, many years. Here  you can see a map with the different locations. People have been counting more than 8000 hours on 49 different locations http://groups.yahoo.com/group/trektellers/message/1164.
In those 8000 hours, more than 5,5 million!! birds were counted.
The ten most numerous birds:
Starling  2326694 
Chaffinch  849072 
Woodpigeon  331266 
Meadow Pipit  318250 
Fieldfare  234638 
Redwing  149714 
Lapwing 135868 
Swallow  107417 
Siskin  104368 
Skylark 100263 
But also other birds were seen in "good" numbers for example:
Greylag Goose  92499 
Cormorant 74390 
Reed Bunting  22651 
Crossbill  11547 
Buzzard 5495 
Woodlark 3199 
Grey Wagtail  2982 
Egyptian Goose 2681 
Coal Tit 2551 
Grey Heron 1875 
Laplan Longspur  733 
Marsh Harrier  659 
Honey Buzzard  391 
Great White Egret 117 
Peregrine  117 
Osprey 108 
Red Kite  63 
Merlin  238 
Black Kite only one!! 
Red-rumped Swallow 
And lots of other high, special numbers and species!!

At our countingpoint in Zutphen 2002, we sat down here for 87 hours and counted 44.484 birds.