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Birdmigration eveningcountings 6 jul 2004

Weatherconditions 6 - 7 - 2004    19.55 - 21.55 h
Precipitation in min. View Clouds in eighths Sunshine in min. Temperature in oC Wind 
2/8 - 1/8
20 - 17 oC
N - NNO 1B

Tufted Duck 
Oystercatcher  22 
Lesser Black-backed Gull 
Great Black-backed Gull
Swift  26 
Sand Martin
Swallow  15 
House Martin 
  • Countings by Michel Klemann. 
  • Nice weather but less migration than expected. Was it because of an air full with balloons?
  • Somewhere between 15 of 20 passed by. One balloon; (the one with "" on its side) went down to fly very low over the Rammelwaard. Lower than the treetops. Almost every bird that could fly, flew away: 600 Greylag Geese, Gulls, Terns, lots of Ducks, Curlews, 300 Lapwings, 3 White Storks, Buzzard, Greenshank, an perhaps also all the other birds Jeroen saw a little bit earlier: Shovelers, Tufted Ducks, 71 Egyptian Geese, 37 White-fronted Geese, Green Sandpiper etc.
6 july 2004, 20:40h; a balloon chases all the birds out of the Rammelwaard.
6 july 2004, 20:40h; a balloon chases all the birds out of the Rammelwaard.

Local birds and other specialities:

  • On the border of the canal were two foraging Common Sandpipers. A Greenshank from the Rammelwaard, kept them company.
  • Other locals: Buzzards, Kestrel, 2 Hobbies, >1000 Starlings, Willow Tit.
When I went home, there was a very little bird sitting on the asfalt. A young Blackcap. He was even more suprised about live than me.

Young Blackcap.
Young Blackcap

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