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Birdmigration early morningcountings 2 aug 2001

Weatherconditions 2 - 08 - 2001    05.26 - 07.56 h
Precipitation in min. View Clouds in eighths Sunshine in min. Temperature in oC Wind 
1/8 - 3/8
NE 1 - 3B

Cormorant  10 
Lapwing 269 
Sand Martin
Barn Swallow 23 
Tree Pipit
Blue-headed Wagtail
White Wagtail 


  • Today I started again with my migrationcountings 2001.
Local birds and other specialities:
  • I found a new breedingbird for the location; one pair Greater Canada Goose with four juvenile fledgelings was present. Other geese I saw were one Barnacle Goose and 12 Greylag Geese.
  • There were also again quite some Egyptian Geese present; a pair with 7 young; a pair with 5 young, one pair without (I'm not 100% sure) young and a very shy adult, maybe with downy young. So at least 19 of these birds were present.
  • An other nice observation of local birds:
    • a juvenile Great Bittern flying across the reedbeds;
    • a Goshawk who was trying to catch a Cuckoo;
    • several screaming Waterrails;
    • Common Sandpiper;
    • and a White Stork.
  • I found a feather of a juvenile Goshawk.

  • Goshawk-feather
    You can find more feather-scans on my feathersite: